Optional Saturday 9-hole (Drunken) Scramble

All players are encouraged to sign up for the optional 9-hole (drunken) scramble which takes place Saturday afternoon at 5pm. The scramble is managed by Mark Thomas and Mark Bodine.

See them at the auction on Friday and let them know your interest in playing so they can set up the teams. They will also be running a daily SKINS games for those interested. Again, sign up Friday at the first auction.

For the scramble, each player will pay their cart fee direct to the proshop prior to teeing off. We have a cheap rate set up for DuVall. Each player will pay the "prize fee" (usually $20 to $40) to the captain of your foursome (best handicap) and those proceeds will be used for the payout at the end. Number of places paid is determined by the number of teams that play in the event.

We encourage everyone to play. It's a great fun way to loosen up after the Saturday Morning Grind and to meet other guys in the event. The teams are set up similar to the Sunday scramble so each team has a similar handicap with an A, B, C & D player.

The cart girls will be stocked and ride the 9-holes with the group meeting their hydration needs. You're encouraged to buy from them and tip them well as they are out there JUST FOR US. Only SOLO cups are allowed on the course if you have your own WATER to take to the first hole.

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