Sunday Scramble Rules

Florida Scramble

AKA Step Aside Scramble

Sunday's format is a modified scramble called the Florida Scramble. It's the same as a typical scramble with one twist. Only three players hit shots after the tee shot. How it works:

TEE SHOT MODIFICATION — Each Team must use 3 drives from each player. The drives can be selected after everyone hits, but the team must use 3 drives from EACH player during the round. A dot should be placed on the scorecard at the hole under the persons name in which the drive was used.

SCORING — As you would expect, there is only one score for the team. You will put it on the card the same way as previous days, but only on one line under the A Player (Team Captain). You will record the score and the DuVall Points as before. At the end of the round, the team will have one score and the corresponding DuVall points listed.

Absent Player Rule — If your team is missing a player (3-man team), you will change to a standard scramble format where nobody sits out on any shot. You will play it as a 3-person scramble now. NO SHOTS WILL BE HIT FOR THE MISSING PLAYER. However, the tee shot modification remains in effect but with the following change: each person takes an extra drive for a total of 4. Par 3's still DO NOT count toward the drive count.

We will also make a handicap adjustment for the team as follows:


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